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Listen to our Webinar - ‘The Voice :  A Buddhist Approach’ with Bhante Sujato


On Thursday September 14th we hosted this Webinar with Bhante Sujato, the leading Buddhist scholar and author to discuss why should we as Buddhists support the Voice?  What is the moral position?

This followed on from the decision by Sakyadhita Australia members at the Annual General Meeting to support the Voice.  You can now watch on our Youtube channel :

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The Sakyadhita International Conference, Seoul, Korea.

"Living in a Precarious World"

June 23 – 27 2023

The 2023 Sakyadhita International Conference was an impressive event which a group from Sakyadhita Australia attended. After a packed Opening Ceremony, a reception was held which gave the chance to make or renew friendships with Buddhist friends and teachers from around the world.  The event was held in a modern Conferencecentre and also an historic temple.  At the latter thousands of meals were provided and meditation was held. It was a very appropriate blend of ancient and modern.

Over the next four days participants heard inspiring papers and attended workshops. There was so much to take in, so much to think about!  A number of Australians gave workshops and Dr Diana Cousens gave a paper on domestic violence in Buddhist communities. Tenzin Lekzom, an Australian nun currently studying in Dharamsala received a Sakyadhita Australia scholarship to attend. Each night entertainment or dhamma talks were provided.  The organisation of our Korean hosts was most impressive, the technology was amazing as were the hundreds of volunteers who helped in every way.   After the Conference a large group embarked on a two day tour of temples in the Korean countryside where we were able to breathe in the fresh air of the fir forests, sit by raging rivers and at the temples appreciate Korea’s long practice of Buddhism.


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  • Details of future Sakyadhita Australia events.  

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Sakyadhita Australia Pilgrimage to Japan

After the Conference, a small group embarked on this pilgrimage, following the path of the venerated  Japanese Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi.  They visited the temple island of Shikoku and a dozen of the many temples there and continued on to Mt Koya where Kobo Daishi is buried.  The group stayed in temples and experienced temple life with beautiful gardens, meditation sessions morning and night and enticing vegetarian food.

They went on to visit temples both Shinto and Buddhist in other parts of Japan, including Kyoto and Nara and saw the big Buddha at Kamakura.  There was also a a visit to Hiroshima and it’s Memorial Peace Park.

Pilgrimage to Japan.jpg


The interview with Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo 

“Reflections on an Extraordinary Life”

Is now available on our YouTube Channel:

Jetsumna was the special guest for  Sakyadhita Australia’s Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 28th May.

Sakyadhita Australia YouTube Channel


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You will find other inspiring Webinars and meditation sessions - enjoy!


Sakyadhita International was formed in 1987 in Bodhgaya India under the patronage of HH the Dalai Lama. It seeks to build community to benefit Buddhist women and nuns, to reduce gender injustice and awaken women to their potential.

Every two years Sakyadhita International organises a conference where Buddhists- Sangha and laypeople -  come together to share issues affecting Buddhist women and the wider society.  Because pf Covid 19 the 2020  Conference was delayed and will now be held digitally Dec 26-28th 2021. 

The Australian branch was formed after the Indonesian Conference in 2015. It has national representation and is affiliated with Sakyadhita International.

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