Catch up with our latest Newsletter.   Read our tributes to Ven Kusuma and Phra Khantipalo, also about the future plans for  Sakydahita International and about the situation for the Buddhist Sangha in Myanmar.

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November 24th  7pm AEST  :  Bhikku Sujato  :  " Believing Women"






'Beyond Patriarchy'.   Hear Sujato's vision for women and nuns in Buddhism, the iportance of the  re-establishment of the Bhikkuni order, and more.   This is sure to be an inspiring Webinar.   Ajahn Sujato is a welll known teacher and scholar,  regular speaker at Sakyadhita Conferences and key supporter of Buddhist women, particularly the ordination of Bhikkunis.

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Our previous Webinar : ‘Set Free’  :  A Journey into Buddhism'  with Emma Slade         We heard the  remarkable story of the British banker who became a Tibetan Buddhist nun   Emma was a high-flyer in the world of finance, who, after a truly terrifying event was set on a path that led her to become a  nun.  She found her teacher in Bhutan;  she became the first western woman to ordain in that country.   She also founded a charity ‘Opening Your Heart to Bhutan’.    Find the video and the link to the transcript of this Webinar on our Youtube Channel. 

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 'Buddhist Women Beyond Boundaries' :  The 17th Sakyadhita International Conference. 

The videos of our Zoom Webinars and Meditation Groups are now available on our new Sakyadhita Youtube Channel - you can find them here.


The 2021 Annual General Meeting

The Sakyadhita Australia YouTube Channel

You can find all our Webinars and Meditation sessions on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe so you won’t miss out   Most recently our  Webinar with Peace activist and Zen-Buddhist practitioner Jill Jameson on The Crisis in Myanmar

has been uploaded. .   Check it out here 

Other available Webinars include Sharon Salzberg speaking on Loving Kindness and Mindfulness ,  Roshi Joan Halifax  on Compassion.  

You can also experience our Meditation Groups with wonderful teachers including  Ven Thubten Chokyi and Ayya Jitindriya 


Pictured :   Jill Jameson,  Roshi Joan Halifax and Ven Chokyi a


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Sakyadhita International was formed in 1987 in Bodhgaya India under the patronage of HH the Dalai Lama. It seeks to build community to benefit Buddhist women and nuns, to reduce gender injustice and awaken women to their potential.

Every two years Sakyadhita International organises a conference where Buddhists- Sangha and laypeople -  come together to share issues affecting Buddhist women and the wider society.  Because pf Covid 19 the 2020  Conference was delayed and will now be held digitally Dec 26-28th 2021. 

The Australian branch was formed after the Indonesian Conference in 2015. It has national representation and is affiliated with Sakyadhita International.


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