Enjoy our Winter 2022 Newsletter - read about:

  • A Sakyadhita event in Perth – finally a chance to get together.

  • A ground-breaking ordination in Bhutan

  • Wat Buddha Dhamma – its historic role supporting women in Buddhism

  • Ayya Vayama - a life dedicated to Buddhism

  • Diary date : the next Sakyadhita International Conference in Korea : June 23-29 2023

  • Details of other Sakyadhita events.

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The nuns of Sri Lanka are in urgent need because of the dire economic situation and the resultant food shortages in that country.

Please consider donating to support Sakyadhita Sri Lanka, which is currently distributing food to nunneries around the country.


Sakyadhita Australia presents


with Sharon Thrupp
Sunday 25 September 9.30am-3pm

Join via Zoom *


This online Mindful Writing Workshop seeks to assist writers (or those willing to explore the possibility) with the skills necessary to find and share their voice with the world -- share a personal story, keep a private journal, improve your writing skills, or simply increase your level of joy and satisfaction in your life. 

Learn about the 4 Noble Truths of Mindful Writers and engage in writing exercises to find your voice, share your story or write as healing or pleasure.
Whether your goals are writing a memoir, blogging, social media posting, personal essay or journal writing, this workshop is for everyone.  
There will be time to write and share with other participants throughout the day as well as a break for lunch.  Please bring a book and pen to write in or laptop depending on your preference. 

Please register at sakyadhitaoz@gmail.com.
Further details, including the Zoom link will be sent on registration

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Enjoy our recent Webinars, including :

Shaila Catherine : 'Beyond Distraction' 

Ven Karma Lekshe Tsomo : The future for Bhikkhunis and Nuns

Ayya Suvira :  Walking in the Sunshine of the Bhikkhunis 

Bhante Sujato :  Believing Women'

    Emma Slade :   From High Finance to Buddhism 

Jill Jameson :   The Crisis in Myanmar 

View these Webinars here

and find full transcripts here 

You will find other inspiring Webinars and meditation sessions - enjoy!

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Sakyadhita International was formed in 1987 in Bodhgaya India under the patronage of HH the Dalai Lama. It seeks to build community to benefit Buddhist women and nuns, to reduce gender injustice and awaken women to their potential.

Every two years Sakyadhita International organises a conference where Buddhists- Sangha and laypeople -  come together to share issues affecting Buddhist women and the wider society.  Because pf Covid 19 the 2020  Conference was delayed and will now be held digitally Dec 26-28th 2021. 

The Australian branch was formed after the Indonesian Conference in 2015. It has national representation and is affiliated with Sakyadhita International.