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Happy New Year! 
Wishing all our members and friends  many blessings for the New Year, peace, happiness and health.

 'Buddhist Women Beyond Boundaries'  -the 17th Sakyadhita International Conference
The conference was held via Zoom in the last week of 2021.  It was so good to meet with our friends around the world, if only digitally. Why Beyond Boundaries ? President Sharon Shu said "The pandemic has shifted the ground beneath us and requires we come together and transcend whatever fixed  boundaries we perceive  in order to imagine the world anew. We must move beyond boundaries to deeply recognize  our interdependence and work for environmental justice”.  We heard many thought-provoking and inspiring talks and watched  documentaries.  For those who missed it you can watch the Opening Ceremony here and see the stunning   'Journey to Zangskar' here.  Most of the sessions will be available on YouTube shortly. 

The Sakyadhita Australia YouTube Channel


Our Spring Webinar series is now posted :   

Bhante Sujato :  'Believing Women

Emma Slade :   High Finance to Buddhism 

Jill Jameson :   The Crisis in Myanmar 

You'll also find the Q&A which followed our screening of the documentary 'Bhikkuni'

You can view these Webinars here

and find full transcripts here 

You will also find many other inspiring Webinars and meditation sessions - enjoy!

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Sakyadhita International was formed in 1987 in Bodhgaya India under the patronage of HH the Dalai Lama. It seeks to build community to benefit Buddhist women and nuns, to reduce gender injustice and awaken women to their potential.

Every two years Sakyadhita International organises a conference where Buddhists- Sangha and laypeople -  come together to share issues affecting Buddhist women and the wider society.  Because pf Covid 19 the 2020  Conference was delayed and will now be held digitally Dec 26-28th 2021. 

The Australian branch was formed after the Indonesian Conference in 2015. It has national representation and is affiliated with Sakyadhita International.

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The 2021 Annual General Meeting